This Man Has Tattoos of Every Major League Baseball Mascot

by 7 years ago

The 28-year-old University of Oregon student is hoping that his insane dedication will land him residence in MLB's Fan Cave, where inhabitants only activity is watching games.

This is not some stunt. Christensen is adamant that each and every piece of ink has a personal story behind it.

“I wanted to get every major league team on my body somehow, and the best way possible was ribs to hips on each side, so American League on the right side, and National League on the other,” he said.

Each tattoo has a story. “Its all historical related stories and such that I crammed a lot of research into it, but if I’m gonna put it on my body, might as well have some fun with it.”

So far, Christensen has spent 33 hours and $3,500 getting his tattoos. He raised the money selling “Scam Newton” t-shirts before the 2011 national championship game. He's an ideas man, you see.

The ink enthusiast is not done either. He plans on getting more this week, including tributes to the now-defunct Washington Senators, St. Louis Browns and Seattle Pilots.

[H/T: Big League Stew]