The Best Frisbee Trick Shot Video You’ll See Today

by 7 years ago

I enjoy tossing around the disc at the beach as much as the next guy. It's a good time even though I've nearly decapitated a sunbather's toddler because the damn thing never goes where I throw it. However these guys are pros and have a passion for the science of frisbee tossing. They're known as the Frizboys, not because their hair gets a bit messy when there's a high level of humidity in the air, but because they are frisbee masters. They throw frisbees everywhere; in basketball hoops, in garbage cans, and my favorite, at people. Their video showcases their amazing (yet absolutely worthless in the real world) talents to the sounds of Avicii's “Levels.” There are some remarkable trick shots which must have taken forever to toss successfully because who wants to waste that time chasing girls when you can throw a plastic circle around.

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