Ranking the Best WWE Wrestling Props of All Time

by 6 years ago

In anticipation of Survivor Series 2012, we're ranking our 13 favorite wrestling props of all time, from Hacksaw Jim Duggan's 2×4 to Mick Foley's barbed wire bat… and beyond. 

13. Hacksaw Jim Duggan's 2×4

Used to clobber opponents by the most America-loving wrestling badass of all time. Hacksaw Jim Duggan's Hall of Fame WWE career wouldn't be the same without his iconic 2×4. I'd love to see another blue coller character introduced to the WWE with a similar zeal for flag-flying patriotism. 

12. The Steel Briefcase

Do wrestlers really have so many important documents that they need seemingly-bulletproof magnum steel briefcases? I guess so. It's been a common prop since Vince McManhon started using it in the Attitude Era of the late '90s. More recently, the occasional Money in the Bank matches have dominated its use as a weapon.

11. Triple H's Sledgehammer

Back when Triple H earned his WWE brass as a member of D-Generation X, he didn't need a prop. Then it became a staple in his arsenal after attacked Shawn Michaels as part of an “Unsanctioned Street Fight” at SummerSlam in 2002. Over the last decade, some of the WWE's biggest stars have suffered at the wrath of Triple H's sledgehammer, including Rick Flair, John Cena, Randy Orton, Kevin Nash, and Vince McMahon. 

10. Brass Knuckles

We can thank William Regal, a.k.a. “The British Brawler,” for the widespread introduction of brass knuckles into the WWE over the last 10 years. Since a pair is so easy to conceal, it's practically a lights-out cheap shot.

9. Barbed Wire

I envy the business contracted to supply the WWE with the tens of thousands of square feet of chain-link fencing and miles of barbed wire over the years. It's been EVERYWHERE and someone's made a small fortune off it over the years: Mick Foley's famous barbed wire baseball bat, no rope barbed wire matches, no rope explosive bared wire matches, barbed wire steel cage matches, the occasional barbed wire 2x4s, etc. There's been enough barbed wire used in WWE matches to fortify a small military base.

8. The Announcer Table

The best endings of Monday Night Raw are almost always when Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler have to flee the announcer's table because it's being used as a prop to corkscrew someone through. I can hear Michael Cole's voice now: “Absolute pandemonium here on Monday Night Raw!” right before a cut to a commercial. Why the announcers never call a match from further back in the area is a mystery that will have to go unsolved.


7. Steel Cage

Is it really fair to call it a prop? Yes, it is. A really big prop. Also, a devastating prop when someone gets thrown off the top of it.

6. The Ring Stairs 

To be honest, I'm always amazed by just how light the steel, diamond-plate ring stairs look when used as a prop. Sure, it's good for the occasional stationary head bashing, but doesn't it seem like they'd be heavier in real life when thrown into someone? 

5. Tables

Ah, the iconic and now-ubiquitous table match. One of the most treasured matches to witness on any wrestling fan's bucket list. A wrestling staple since the late-90s when Buh Buh Ray and D-Von of the Dudley Boyz began smashing people through tables regularly as a finishing move. 

4. The Championship Belt

If you've ever held a replica WWE Championship Belt, you know how heavy those things actually are. Surprisingly devastating. John Cena found this out the hard way last year when The Miz cheated by clocking him with a belt in a Raw championship match. 

3. Jake “The Snake” Roberts' Snake

The late 80's gimmick to end all gimmicks. Easily the best use of an animal in sports entertainment history. Nothing was more fear-inducing than Roberts unleashing his beloved 12-foot python, Damien, in the ring. And no one feared it more than the late, great Andre the Giant. 

2. The Ladder

It's a continuity question every wrestling fan has asked at some point: Why are there some many freakin' ladders backstage at every WWE match? Are there really that many improvement projects going on the bowels of America's areas? Apparently so. Now ladders have become mainstream, set up specifically for tables, ladders, and chairs matches to bring in the crows. Just like a crowd screaming Daniel Bryan's “YES” chant, it's part of the WWE furniture now. Hey, you have be suplexed off something.

1. The Chair

If wrestlers were medieval knights, a chair would be their swords. It's an age-old wrestling weapon. Chairs at wrestling matches pop up like dandelions after a summer rainstorm, ready to be swung at the torso of a smack-talking enemy. The strategic simplicity of the prop is what makes it brutally effective and twisted in beauty.  


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