BetMGM’s Doubling The Money Of Sports Gamblers In CO & IN While Watching ‘The Match’ This Weekend

Presented in partnership with BetMGM…

We’ll finally have live sports back this weekend, gents, with the highly-anticipated match pairing up Tiger Woods and Tom Brady against Phil Mickelson and Peyton Manning. While it’ll be a refreshing site to see some of the best athletes of all-time competing against one another — which is sure to bring legendary trash-talk — it’ll be even better to finally get a chance to bet on something other than the weather.

To help you scratch that itch, BetMGM is offering an incredible deal to those sports gamblers in the states of Colorado and Indiana, as new customers get hooked up with double their money when Tiger Woods gets a birdie during the match. Seriously, bet $25 with BetMGM, and, should the 15-time major champ get a birdie, you’ll end up winning a total of $50 in freebets.

You smell that? That’s the scent of success — and cold hard cash flowing in.


Although you physically need to be in either Colorado or Indiana to place the $25 bets for The Match, you can register and deposit cash from anywhere — so don’t miss out if you’re a sports gambler who’s around that area.

Look, we’ve all been looking forward to getting back to betting on something we care about, and now that a live sporting event is happening, it’s the perfect time to do just that. The fact that BetMGM‘s hooking new customers up with double the money when Tiger Woods gets a birdie is just a little added benefit — and one you should take advantage of if you can.



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