Bettor Turns $100 Into $17K After Hitting 8-Team Parlay And Is The Gambling Encouragement I Need Right Now

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As we inch toward the kickoff of weekend football, with Thursday Night Football whetting our appetite for Saturday’s college slate and Sunday’s NFL games, it’s time to start thinking about what bets we want to put on the books.

Personally, I’m not that great with CFB betting. I’m decent with the NFL. But it’s NHL + soccer where I’m able to make up my CFB losses. One problem I have is that I often go for lengthy parlays and forget that if I genuinely believe those teams in my parlay will win I should be betting the individual games as well, at least that’s what I’ve been telling myself every time I hit 5 of 6 legs in a parlay.

As we enter this weekend’s slate of games I’m finding inspiration in form of this dude who turned a $100 8-team parlay into $17,000+ last weekend betting on College Football. If he can do it, why can’t I?

The $100 bet was placed in Las Vegas at the ARIA Race & Sports Book, according to TPS. Miraculously, the dude went with ALL FAVORITES and everyone still managed to hit. None of those typical upsets the rest of us endure.

For anyone looking on their smartphones, that might be hard to see. His $100 8-team parlay looked like this:

Florida Gators -7 (vs Missouri)

Georgia -3 (vs Auburn)

Alabama -19 (vs Miss St)

Wisconsin -14 (vs Nebraska)

Michigan -13.5 (vs Michigan St.)

Boise St. -27.5 (vs New Mexico)

Oregon -27 (vs Arizona)

Notre Dame -7.5 (vs Navy)

Florida easy beat Missouri and Notre Dame wiped the floor with Navy. Oregon cut it close with Arizona due to the 27-point spread (34-6). Michigan embarrassed MSU, Wisconsin barely covered (37-21), and Georgia beat Auburn by a touchdown to cover.

I guess it’s worth noting that Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and Wisconsin were all road teams despite also being favorites.

This dude turned that $100 into a $17,220 payout at the Aria. You love to see it. And if you think that was a wild win (it was), check out this crazy shit right here:

That freak of a bettor out there who hit a 15-leg parlay less than a month ago KILLED IT AGAIN with a 13-leg parlay for $239,000.

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