NFL Bettors Lost A Fortune This Weekend When The Most Popular Favorites Failed To Cover

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This was a ROUGH weekend to be a professional gambler but a REEAAAAAAALLLLLYYYYY good weekend to be a sportsbook taking bets. The 5 most popular favorites in the NFL all failed to cover the spread and overall the Week 4 favorites went 4-9 on the weekends.

Last week saw some crazy action in the Sports Gambling world. One bettor was a SINGLE win away from turning $0.89 into $500,000 after the Bears beat the Redskins on Monday Night Football. Elsewhere, one gambler won $600K on the Ravens. This week was a different story.

81% of the money was on the Chiefs (-7) over Detroit, 76% of the money was on the Patriots (-7) over Buffalo, 67% on the Cowboys (-2.5) over New Orleans, and 66% on the Texans (-5.5) over Carolina.

Furthermore, 70% of the Over/Under money on Sunday Night Football was on the OVER (47.5 points) in a game that finished with only 22 points scored in NOLA.

There’s a solid rundown on The Action Network with some weekend highlights of the rare big wins and expected losses.

First, let’s look at some of the biggest wins:

— CG Technology did report that they took a $38,500 bet (to win $35,000) on New Orleans.

— A bettor at FanDuel netted $25,968 on the Giants moneyline, while a bettor at at South Point netted $45,454 on Giants -3.

— Big winners also include a bettor who netted $24,998 on Browns +7 and a Titans +4 wager that cashed $45,454.

— $9,000 on the Jags (+3)

Here are some of the most BRUTAL losses of the day:

— The bettor (or bettors) who flooded the Redskins moneyline late with $95K worth of bets, and the bettor who threw a cool $53,000 on Houston -5.

— A big parlay just came in at CG Technology: $45,000 on the moneylines for the Patriots, Chiefs and Texans.

— Two $10,000 bets on the Cardinals (+5.5), net $20K loss

Those random bets don’t do a great job at showing just how bad of a day it was for bettors. 89% of the money in the Pats-Bill was on the Patriots (-7) so 89% of that went to the house. Even worse, 94% of the money on the Chiefs (-7) vs Lions was on the Chiefs who failed to cover and only won by 4-points so the books also raked it in there.

Darren Rovell has a good live blog that updates throughout the day on The Action Network each Sunday as reports of big bets come in from various sportsbooks. If you want to see what the rest of the weekend’s action looked like, you can click here.