Bills Fan Arrested After Filming Viral ‘Butt-Chug’ Video In Which He Drinks Liquor Out Of Girl’s Butt

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Buffalo Bills


One member of the Bills mafia is behind bars after police hunted him down for filming the viral butt-chug video from October.

Apparently the girl in the video was only 17-years old.


One such incident occurred on Oct. 16, prior to the Bills’ home game against the San Francisco 49ers. A video surfaced online of a man funneling alcohol, which was being poured down a woman’s backside.

According to WKBW in Buffalo, Orchard Park police, the Bills, the Erie County Probation Office and the Erie County District Attorney’s Office all worked together to investigate the incident and have identified the two parties involved.

The man doing the drinking was 25-year-old Mohamed Dali of Lakawanna, and the woman was a 17-year-old from Lakeview.

Lesson here fellas, next time you decide to drink liquor out of a girl’s ass make sure she’s of legal age.

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