BMX Bro Pulls Off Insane ‘Tony Hawk Pro Skater’-Esque Bike Trick

The first thought I had after watching this video was, “what is with that music?” I’m not saying it’s necessarily bad or anything, but it’s severely lacking the 90’s pop punk we’ve all come to associate with skaters. Where’s the Goldfinger? Where’s the Less Than Jake? Hell, where’s the Blink-182?

Na, but in all seriousness, this is an incredibly impressive video. You have to wonder how many times this guy fell on his ass while perfecting the art of the ‘handle stand.’ It’s videos like this that makes me wish that I had the skill and ability to head to a skate park and pull of some ‘gnarly’ tricks. In fact, I’m getting flashbacks to the time in middle school where I attempted to go to a skate park where I hurt myself and had to pretend not to cry in front of the bigger kids.