If You’re Not Impressed By Braxton Miller’s New Tat, There’s Something Wrong With You ‘Cause It’s Sick

Former Ohio State Buckeyes football player Braxton Miller is prepping for the NFL Combine next week and hoping that some NFL team uses an early round pick on the offensive freak of nature, but he also just added a new piece of ink to his arm that is fucking killer, guys.

🤐 let me introduce you to my brudda' @fatt_macc — she don't speak no englo..

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I have absolutely no idea what the tat symbolizes or what it’s of, but, wow, that’s a major piece of art on Miller’s arm, guys.

Done by artist FattMacc, Braxton’s new tat might just be become more famous than that gravity-defying spin move he pulled on Virginia Tech last season.

OK, so maybe not, but still, the ink is just nasty.

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