Cleveland Browns Fan Visits Art Modell’s Grave, Literally Takes a Piss On It

by 4 years ago


I’m not sure if pissing on someone’s grave is illegal (seems like it would be), but this Cleveland Browns fan visited Art Modell’s grave to do just that. The catch: he was too much of a coward to whip his dick out and do it in broad daylight. Had to fashion a catheter out of duct tape and tubing, which is fucking weak.

I supposed if it is illegal, though, no one can ever prove that he actually did it. Although he could have achieved that same level of mystery if he stood at the right angle. “It was just a goof, officer. I was squeezing water out of a bottle. You know, for YouTube views and shit. Love Art. Guy was a great humanitarian. Plus, do I look like the kind of guy who would piss on a grave? You know what, forget I asked that. ”

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