VIDEO: Canadian Junior League Football Players Take Brawl into the Bleachers, Fight Fans

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Amazingly, the Hamilton Police aren't pressing charges for the incident. Here's the requisite follow-up from the Spectator:

Two senior off-duty Hamilton police commanders were at the game and rushed in to try to break up the brouhaha.

“We did make contact with one particular person who was identified as being injured as a result of the fight after the game in the stands,” Bullock said. “That person has not registered a formal complaint with police.”

Because no one wants to pursue charges, police are left with what, by default, they consider a consensual fight, said police media officer Sergeant Terri-Lynn Collings. Police rushed to Ivor Wynne Stadium around 7 p.m. Saturday after reports of a large fracas between St. Leonard players and fans in the stands behind the Cougars’ bench.

Up to 20 St. Leonard players jumped into the stands after being heckled by Hurricanes fans. Fists, crates and helmets began flying.

“Yes, there was a disturbance in the stands, and, yes, the two teams playing on the field did become involved somehow, but in terms of the depth of criminality, it’s not to any great degree … that we are aware of,” Bullock said

“There were no serious injuries that we are aware of.”

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