Was This Chargers Security Guard Jerkin’ It To The Cheerleaders On The Field? Because It Sure Looks Like It

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No way this is real, right? Please, God, tell me it’s not. Please tell me that this San Diego Chargers security guard was not really jerking off to the cheerleaders as he stood right there on the field.

Because, in this video unearthed on Twitter by the fine folks over at Busted Coverage, it sure looks like this Chargers security guard was jerking off to the cheerleaders as he stood right there on the field.

Again, please tell me that is not real.

Unfortunately, there is supporting evidence that it is, in fact, real. As you can see from the photo above, the Charger Girls were dressed up in their holiday gear on Sunday, just like in the video.

And the red jacket the dude is wearing matches up to the jackets of Elite Security which have been working Chargers games for years now…


Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

God help this guy if the video is legit. If people thought Steve Bartman had it rough in Chicago, wait until people in San Diego get a load (pun NOT intended) of this.

UPDATE: The Chargers have since apologized for this security guard’s behavior. Which means the nightmare is real, folks.

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