HS Basketball Coach Was Cheating on His Girlfriend With FIVE Other Women, When She Found Out She Eviscerated Him on Facebook

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Let’s just say it’s been a bad couple days for Greenwood high school boys basketball coach, Jason Stonebraker. But, on the bright side, do chicks in Bowling Green, Kentucky love the anchored soul patch or do chicks in Bowling Green, Kentucky love the fucking anchored soul patch? They must, if five of them — six if you include his ass-burnt ex — were willing to fuck him.

When Stonebraker’s ex found out that he has multiple side-pieces, she packed her shit, wrote him a note and then shared that note with her Facebook friends, because LET’S ALL OVER-SHARE EVERYTHING!



Oh yeah, you read that right, she called him a “borderline pedo.” That’s a bold claim to make publicly on Facebook, but she did it because according to BG Daily News, Stonebraker is now being investigated for trying to seduce a 18-year-old Greenwood student by way of “inappropriate electronic communication.” That is probably grown-up talk for: “he sent her dick pics and several panoramic photos of his asshole.” <—Too far? Yeah. Maybe.

Anyway, his now ex-girlfreind later removed the above post from her Facebook wall and replaced it with the “whoops, I didn’t know how the Internet worked” post below.




Lost his girl. Lost his job. Lost his dignity…Fingers crossed he didn’t lose that filthy anchored soul patch. Because that would be the real tragedy in all of this.

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