Cheerleader Sarah Jones Says She and High Schooler Still ‘Haven’t Been On Our First Date Yet’

by 6 years ago

Jones, last seen holding hands with the minor Cody York as they left the courtroom, told the paper that she “couldn't wait” for their first real date. (So this kid wasn't even having to spring for dinners? That's what everyone should be most jealous about.)

“We still haven’t been on our first date yet,” Jones giggled to The Daily on Thursday. 

Jones, who resigned from her job at Dixie Heights High School after the sex scandal erupted last November, said her young lover was suffering from a bout of “anxiety.” She didn't elaborate on the cause of his stress, though publicity of their relationship has made headlines around the world. They are slated to further discuss their relationship on NBC’s  “Dateline”.

“My parents are against it,” Jones told The Daily about the relationship. “But my parents are against everything at the moment.”


There were two ways to go about looking this article. One is to act like the police officers from that classic “South Park” episode, “Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy.” “Oh, the teacher from the high school? He's with her? Nice. Niiiiice.” This would make sense, because, let's face it, a 17-year-old unbelievably has a 27-year-old Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader wrapped around his thumb.

But, on the other hand… Is anyone starting to get the sense that this chick might, just might, have some issues? Why do you take such a public stance in support of slamming 17-year-old kids? Why are you still granting interviews with newspapers? If it was sincere, wouldn't they be on the next train to Juneau by now?

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