Get Hyped For Some Soccer With These ‘Dude Perfect x Chelsea FC’ Trick Shots

Reigning Premier League champions Chelsea Football Club don’t play their Champions League Match Day 2 game against Atlético until tomorrow. So, if you’re a Chelsea fan this will just have to tide you over until that game tomorrow afternoon.

In the meantime, if you’re a Tottenham fan like myself or if you root for Real Madrid, you can get amped up for today’s Champions League matches with this ‘Dude Perfect x Chelsea Football Club’ compilation of trick shots.

As an American, soccer isn’t all up in my face on a day to day basis like it is for people in Europe. It’s easy for me to forget, or take for granted, just how f’n talented these players are. I’m no Chelsea fan, but it’s still pretty cool to see how skilled these players are when they’re just messing around behind the scenes and aren’t running at full game speed.

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