Chinese Diver Wins Gold, Yet Somehow Having the Worst Week Ever

by 7 years ago

According to the Shanghai Morning Post, immediately after Chinese diver Wu Minxia won the 3-meter synchronized diving gold on Sunday, she learned that both her grandparents died more than a year ago and her mom has been battling breast cancer for eight years. Eight years!

Wu's parents decided to keep the grandparents' deaths and the breast cancer treatments a secret in order to not distract the diver during her training. Wu is considered a national hero, who has now won three Olympic gold medals in diving.

From Yahoo Sports:

She has become one of her sport's all-time greats, but her father says the success has come at a high price to her personal life.

“We accepted a long time ago that she doesn't belong entirely to us,” Wu Yuming told the Shanghai Morning Post. “I don't even dare to think about things like enjoying family happiness.”

Wu's mother defended the decision to keep her situation private and admitted she only broached the subject of her breast cancer at this point because she is now in remission. Both of Wu's grandparents died more than a year ago, but the diver knew nothing of their passing until this week.

So you win the gold, then you find out that both the grandparents have died without your knowledge, and your mother could pass away from breast cancer. On top of this, you've been training daily for this moment since you were six, and you've been in a “government-run aquatic sports institute” for 11 years now with minimal contact with your family. This is not how great sports moments are supposed to end.

Via Yahoo