Christian Laettner’s Still Salty Over The Fab Five Calling Him A ‘Bitch’ And A ‘Pussy’

by 4 years ago
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Christian Laettner appeared on Scott Van Pelt and Ryan Rusillo’s radio show this week and expressed his displeasure with the Michigan’s Fab Five calling him bad words like ‘bitch’ and ‘pussy’ on national television.

Christian, Christian, Christian. As much as it’s cute that you’re taking the high road and not fighting fire with fire like a true tight-assed Duke Blue Devil, that’s not what America wants. We feed off controversy. Give the fucking people what they want. Especially since you have two trump cards in the form of national championships under your belt, and you’re too much of a sally to use them. Do you know how much I’d kill to whip out the “national champion” card when I get called a pussy daily? Do it for me, bro.

Laettner has his own 30 for 30 film coming out and I can’t imagine how the Fab Five are going to react when Laettner zings them by comparing GPA’s or the diversity of their portfolios.


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