CONFIRMED: Cal Football Team Faked Injuries Against Oregon

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Thanks for sticking up for your p*ssy friend:


this is weak shit, very sub par of bro bible, it even looks like this guy takes an awkward step before collapsing



Anonymous commenter below obviously played a D1 sport:


I've been disgusted with brobible as of late posting dumb pointless and non-interesting broterial.  If uve ever been an athlete u could cause an injury by the dumbest simpliest thing.  I can't remember wut team but in the ncaas for mens lacrosse the goalie jumping around after a save tore something in his knee. Don't call soemone out on faking an injury when u cant play at their level.


And then someone stating there's no proof of him faking the injury. Presumably his boyfriend:


This is dumb. He could’ve easily cramped up or had a thousand other injuries and no one would have known. There’s no proof this is fake.


Finally, two intelligent, sports-knowledgeable Anonymous posters set the record straight:


k this is fake, you are all dumb, if you were watching the game you would see that this happened about 4 times with 3 different players.  and in all cases they would look to the sideline and then fall to the ground.  The announcers were saying that its unfair cuz they were all clearly planned to slow down the oregon offense .  If you watched any of the oregon games you would know that arizona state was the first to start the fake cramp injury and that every team oregon has played since has done this at least 3 times.



have a friend on cal football team, he said the the coach did it to slow down the offense so the D can get some air.



Guess what, haters? The last two Anonymous posters were correct. Tosh Lupoi, the defensive line coach at Cal was suspended for Saturday's 16-13 loss to Washington after admitting that he told a player to fake injuries to slow down the high-powered Duck offense. At this time, Head Coach Jeff Tedford has confirmed that he will “absolutely” keep Coach Lupoi on his coaching staff, despite the fact that he encourages his players to act like drama queens.

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