UFC President Dana White Calls Total Bullshit On The Rumored Conor McGregor-Floyd Mayweather Fight

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Earlier this morning, British tabloid The Sun reported that a Floyd Mayweather – Conor McGregor superfight was on the horizon. Rubbish.

To any lay person who enjoys fools socking the shit out of each other, this sounds spectacular. Two of the biggest fighters in the world going toe-to-toe, despite, you know, a 10-year age difference AND totally different competition regiments in each given sport…

To people who actually and reasonably understand the definitive disciplines of each sports, it sounded like nonsense.

Well, according to UFC President Dana White, the latter theory seems to be prevailing.

White told Yahoo Sports correspondent, Kevin Iole, quote unquote “It’s just a tabloid story, and as far as I knew, Floyd is retired and he’s been on a world-wide vacation and hasn’t even been thinking of fighting.”

Which, if we’re being honest, makes so much sense it’s not even funny.

Ideas have been flying regarding the fact that Conor McGregor just wanted to give thee British journos a stir with this idea, to the fact that Mayweather was actually trying to canvas interest for the fight. Because of protected sources, nobody exactly know where The Sun‘s report or sources surfaced, but if UFC President Dana White is to be believed, welp, they were made up. In their entirety.

For now, at least from the UFC side – which boasts near unbreakable contracts – the “billion dollar superfight” sounds like total bollocks.

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