A 55-Poster Tribute to the Classic 80s and 90s Sports Posters by the Costacos Brothers

by 9 years ago

Tock and John Costacos were in the backdrop of your childhood. You just didn't know it. Picked up at mall sports memorabilia shops and elementary school book fairs, their iconic glossy posters of 80s and 90s sports heroes were a decor staple of every boy's bedroom. Along with a healthy dose of George Grande-era ESPN, the Costacos Brothers were masters at portraying Patrick Ewing, Jim McMahon, Karl Malone, Bo Jackson, and many, many more as comic book heroes. In their own words, they showed athletes as “Hollywood action stars that kick the shit out of 20 bad guys always living to fight another day.” And we loved every second of it.

Over two decades later, the 700 posters by the Costacos are man cave collectors items and somewhat of a National Treasure as pop art from a byegone era. This recent celebration shouldn't suprise anyone; Just like an authentic vintage Charlotte Hornet snapbacks, these posters are relics from the pre-sports blog, pre-LeBron era of bloated modern sports stardom. This past summer, the art gallery Salon 94 Freemans in New York City’s Lower East Side exhibited a collection of early Costacos posters from 1986 through 1990. The retrospective, called “For the Kids,” now moves west to the Country Club and Mondrian Los Angeles and runs through March 4. If you call the Left Coast home, go see it and relive some classic moments from your childhood (more information here). As a tribute to the graphic designers that made sports stars larger-than-life for at least a generation, here's an epic, 55-poster tribute to the Costacos sports wall art.

H/T: Sports Illustrated, Terez Owens, Lob Shots, High Definite, and Colt + Rane

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