Cyclist Throws His Arms Up And Celebrates Thinking He’s Won The Race And Gets Totally Smoked

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Slovenian cyclist Luka Pibernik just became a cautionary tale in the world of Sports. He was leading a 159-kilometer (98.8 miles) stage of the Giro D’Italia, a stage of the race which takes the riders from Pedara to Messina, and he thought he’d had the stage locked up. Only, the race wasn’t over. The riders were required to complete another lap,andLuka Pibernik would’ve noticed this had he paid attention to the official ringing a bell at the finish line to signal that the cyclists had one more lap (6.2 kilometers around the city of Messina) until stage completion.

As you can see above, Luka Pibernik crossed that finish line and threw his hands in the air to celebrate what he thought was a win, and then the world came crashing down around him. Instead of finishing in 1st for the stage Luka’s misstep caused him to lose precious time, and he finished 148th.

That’s right, this fuck up caused him to drop ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY SEVEN spots in the stage standings. Luka finished only 20 seconds behind the stage winner, but finishing in 148th after riding 100 miles and thinking you crossed the finish line in first place is a kick to the dick of epic proportions.

Commit this to memory. Remember Luka Pibernik’s failure. Next time you’re doing anything competitive, or even just running on the treadmill, I want you to remember the importance of finishing the race and MAKING SURE you cross that finish line when you’re supposed to.

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