The Legendary David Feherty Talks About The Worst Caddy He Ever Had And LOLOLOLOLOL

by 11 months ago

“I hired him for entertainment value” isn’t something you’ll hear very many modern golfers say when discussing their caddies. But this is David Feherty we’re talking about here, and he came of age in a different era.

For most of my life, I’ve known David Feherty as the man in the booth, and not a professional golfer. He did, however, finish tied for 6th at the British Open in ’89, tied for 4th at the Open Championship in ’94, and tied for 7th at the PGA Championship in 1983. Feherty also had 5 wins on the European Tour. So he was one hell of a golfer, and not just a classy and hilarious voice in the booth.

David appeared on Fallon last night to talk about life, and the two quickly zeroed in on the topic of Feherty’s caddies as a point of conversation. Without any exaggeration, it sounds like David Feherty had the most dumpster fire caddy in history. The dude sounds like a complete f’n trainwreck, and it’s a miracle that Feherty every won any tournaments at all.

The TV world needs more people like David Feherty in the booth, and the golf world needs more caddies like David used to have to spice things up. That’s just my two cents.

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