The Definitive Guide To Supplements: Part I

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You see in our quest to get HUGE we blew through a decent chunk of our minuscule savings trying all kinds of supplements. We were bummed when we dropped $50+ on a single product only to find out that it tasted like raw bear genitals after the 1st scoop. There had to be a better way to test this stuff. So, we created JackedPack – a monthly subscription service for sports nutrition samples. We test out the best stuff from premium brands and then send you a box of awesome samples right to your doorstep each month so you can try before you buy. It’s like Christmas for meatheads every month! YEAH BUDDY!

JackedPack's Philosophy on Supplements – Why they are awesome
Some of the greatest figures in American history were known supplement connoisseurs. Think Abe Lincoln could’ve decimated all those Vampires using just his bare hands (and magnificent beard) without some serious pre-workout supplements to get him juiced up? Absolutely not. Could George Washington have crushed the Brits without a steady diet of squats and protein shakes? No chance. And wasn’t it Patrick Henry who famously shouted “Give me supplements or give me death!”? One can easily make the argument that America wouldn’t be the bastion of freedom that it is today without nutritional supplements.

Needless to say, supplements are awesome when used safely and correctly. Whether you are like Honest Abe and looking for an energy boost in the gym or like G-Dub searching for a delicious protein powder to help you get huge and strong, we’ve got your back with this simple guide to supplements. Read on to fill out your tanks and cutoffs in no time so you can impress the MILF at the bar looking for a young stallion to take home.

Whether you are attempting to keep up with a standard GTL routine or working towards a bodybuilder-type physique, protein is your best friend. Protein is to muscle growth as the sun is to a delicious tan. If you take only 1 nutritional supplement, it should be a protein powder. Protein supplements can be taken at any time throughout the day/night, but strategic consumption would include early morning, immediately post-workout, and just prior to bedtime.

Just like hot chicks, protein supplements come in a variety of forms, shapes, and sizes. Depending on what you are doing or what time of day it is, you should switch up the type of protein (or chick) you take to make sure you are getting the most out of it.  For example, when you’ve just crushed a heavy workout and your muscles need protein to help repair the damaged muscle tissue, you’ll want to go with a fast digesting protein like whey. If you wanna get fancy and technical, look for a whey protein powder that contains primarily isolates or hydrolysates because these are the purest and fastest digesting forms of protein and therefore perfect for post-workout nutrition. The different tiers of whey are similar to the different types of Scotch; whey concentrate or whey blends are more like your Johnnie Walker Red Label vs. whey hydrolysates that are comparable to Macallan 18. Both do the trick, one just does it a little bit better and costs more money. And both should get you laid if used properly.

Your muscles also need a protein immediately upon waking since you’ve been asleep and without protein for 6-8 hours. Eggs are the best protein source there is, but we all know sometimes you are running short on time and just need to throw something together faster than Shoenice can pound a bottle of 151. In that case, we recommend throwing 8-10 oz. of whole milk (yes you read that correctly; we drink whole milk and not that skim shit that’s for rich white chicks on diets) and 1-2 scoops of whey protein powder in a shaker bottle (whey concentrate or whey blends are completely fine for this purpose). Water works fine too (especially if you are calorie conscious), but it’s just not as tasty and won’t keep you full for quite as long. Note you can always throw together a shake anytime of day for extra protein or quality calories.

Finally, it can also be a good idea to take down a slower digesting form of protein before you go to bed since your muscles will be without protein for several hours. The slowest digesting form of protein powder is casein and that’s what you should shoot for before bedtime so that your muscles have a sustained flow of protein throughout the night. Try to get in 20-30 grams of casein before bed and your muscles will thank you by recovering faster than Ronnie & Sammy can break up and make up in one episode of the Jersey Shore.

Think of pre-workout supplements like spinach for Popeye, mushrooms for Mario or standing front-kicks for King Leonidas. These products will get you fired up and pumped (literally) about getting in the gym and tossing around some stones. They are some of the most popular & best selling products in the sports nutrition marketplace because their effects can be felt almost immediately. They are designed to improve the overall quality of your workouts by providing a boost in energy, intensity, focus and also an increase in blood flow to the respective muscle group, creating a noticeable “pump” (see “Pumping Iron” for the best description ever) which also aids in psychologically motivating you through your training session. Typically you’ll want to take these 20-30 minutes or so prior to exercising, and you’ll want to avoid taking them late at night unless you are a trucker with a cross country haul and a deadline because otherwise sleep will be hard to come by.

These products will usually contain several different components (see below) that each elicit a different effect on the body and combine to make you a Silverback in the gym.

Usual suspects include:

Nitric Oxide (or N.O.) Boosters:
You probably heard of N.O. Xplode when it came out in 2005. You probably even tried it mixed with Vodka in college to make a drink that literally takes a dump on a Jager Bomb and then kicks its ass afterwards (note: as awesome as this sounds, we have to recommend you do NOT try this). Many formulas contain L-Arginine & L-Citruline; select amino acids that act as precursors Nitric Oxide and cause widening of the blood vessels  (also known as vasodilation). This allows for increased flow of oxygen and other nutrients to be shuttled into the muscle. If you want to go Beast Mode, creatine may also be included in the pre-workout supplement with the N.O. component acting as a delivery system for the creatine. Side note: Viagra is basically a vasodilator targeted specifically for your diesel, so don’t be surprised if you notice an especially massive hard-on next time you pop back a nitric oxide supplement and see Kate Upton bouncing all over YouTube.

For the same reason a cup of coffee can help to wake you up in the morning or improve your ability to study and be more attentive at work, it can be used to improve your workouts. Caffeine acts as a natural stimulant and has an extremely short absorption time, ensuring that its positive effects (focus, intensity, thermogenesis) can be felt right away. Usually the amount of caffeine in just one serving of a pre-workout supplement is equivalent to several cups of coffee or more. So don’t take these in addition to having your “Venti-Mocha-Soy-Extra Whip-Hazelnut-Latte” because you might actually explode.

First of all we should say, don’t be surprised if you have a strange tingling effect in your skin 20-40 minutes after taking Beta-Alanine, this is normal. What is not normal is having that same feeling in your nether regions…that’s probably Chlamydia and you should go to the Doctor immediately. Beta-Alanine is another non-essential amino acid (also an antioxidant) that works at the cellular level to assist in preventing fatigue and lactic acid build-up. Lactic acid is part of the reason your muscles tire after resistance training and Beta-Alanine acts as a shield that can improve your overall endurance. If you need that in your sex life, there is another well-known product that can help with that…

That’s it for part I of the Bro’s Guide to Supplements. Stay tuned for part II and in the meantime check out these Bros at Enter BROTHER50 at checkout for 50% off your first month of JackedPack. Don’t miss out on their internationally acclaimed workout anthem “Gym Rat” either.


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