For Dennis Rodman, Jager is the Breakfast of Champions

by 7 years ago

However, he may have stumbled on a new breakfast phenomenon here. According to testimony by his ex-wife obtained by TMZ, Rodman showed up wasted to her house, then ran off, only to come back in the morning and demand to take his son to breakfast.

Then, while at breakfast, he ordered 4-6 shots of Jager. Of course he did.

Michelle took the stand, describing the events that took place — claiming Dennis had shown up to Michelle's house wasted at 2:30AM, completely unannounced, and demanded to see his 11-year-old son.

Michelle said Dennis attacked her when she refused, shoving her onto a bed, then took off — only to return hours later, still intoxicated, asking to take their son to breakfast. Michelle obliged … on the condition she came with.

At breakfast, Michelle said Dennis got even more wasted — ordering 4-6 shots of Jägermeister … in front of the kid … and downing them all. She claimed Dennis then repeatedly made comments about her boyfriend, saying, “You're f**king this white guy!”

Jager and cereal: A breakfast of champions and not just for pledges anymore!


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