Dexter Pittman Deals Extremely Brutal and Flagrant Elbow to Lance Stephenson’s Throat

by 7 years ago

The Heat/Pacers game was full of chippy fouls and flying cheap shots. First there was a hard foul by Tyler Hansbrough on Dwyane Wade. Then there was retribution on Hansbrough by Udonis Haslem, who purposely clobbered Tyler. However the most devastating and blatant foul came at the elbows of Dexter Pittman. With only 19.4 seconds remaining in the game and with the Heat on their way to an easy victory, Pittman ran out of his way to give a flying clothesline to Lance Stephenson. The brutal forearm shiver was so violent that Stephenson was given a concussion test and he will get x-rays done. There is a possibility that Stephenson may have a broken collarbone. Pittman showed that it's almost impossible to get thrown out of an NBA game and was only hit with a flagrant-one.  Was this payback for Stephenson giving the choke sign in Game 3? Regardless, the hit was bush league and Haslem and Pittman deserve suspensions for their dangerous behavior.


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