5-Foot-8 Dude With UNBELIEVABLE Hops Jumps Onto The Top Of A Freaking Soda Vending Machine

by 11 months ago

Meet Dexton E. Crutchfield, all 5-foot-8 of him. Crutchfield is not human. He can’t be. He must by some kind of android or cyborg or something. Because I have never seen a human being who can jump as high as this man can jump. I’m pretty sure that were he somehow able to stand in front of himself, he could literally jump over himself.

Don’t believe my hype? Have you ever seen anyone jump ON TOP of a soda vending machine before? The muscles in my body hurt just trying to imagine doing it. Meanwhile, here’s Crutchfield REALLY doing it.

That…that’s not right. How? How did he do that?

Naturally, Crutchfield, who says he sometimes claims to be 5’9″ because he’s really 5’8-1/2″ (like it matters), also uses his insane hops on the basketball court as well to perform some mind-blowing dunks.

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