The Dance Moves That Seven-Footer Dikembe Mutombo Busted Out Were Straight Gold


Hall of Fame basketball player Dikembe Mutombo might best be known for his patented finger wag from his playing days following a rejection and his off-the-court philanthropic work, but ol’ dude showed that he has some fucking dance moves, too!

Making his way to the dance floor at the NBA’s holiday party, Deke didn’t just stand around and dance awkwardly like a loser dad, he busted out the fucking Stanky Legg while rapper Silento sung “Watch Me,” showing that the seven-footer knows how to shake it.

@therealsilento, @dofficialmutombo & @felipelopez13 at the @nba Holiday Party in New York.

A video posted by Adam Silver (@adamsilvernba) on

Maybe even better than the dance is that the video was posted on league commissioner Adam Silver’s Instagram account. Watch out, guys, Silver’s on the hunt for public embarrassment with that phone of his.

[H/T SBNation]