Get Ready for This One: Penny Marshall Is Making a Documentary About Dennis Rodman

by 5 years ago

Dennis Rodman, who holy sh*t if he was in his prime now twitter might explode, isn't exactly world's biggest wallflower. A man whose life has featured a smorgasbord of crazy stunts, mental issues, drug abuses, legal issues, and overall Dennis Rodman issues, the NBA Hall of Famer and 7x rebounding champ (and arguably the greatest rebounder of all-time) has powered through quite a few rough patches, insufferable highs, and insufferable lows.  Accordingly, famed director, producer, and crazed NBA fan Penny Marshall has decided to make a documentary about the prolific personality.   

“Lately, she has been working on a documentary about the basketball player Dennis Rodman, some of which she has been shooting via Skype. That came up because a) Ms. Marshall is a big sports fan. (‘You can yell and scream at a game and no one’s taking you away in a white coat.’) And b) ‘I have a little radar to the insane,’ she said. ‘They seek me out. Dennis and his agent asked if I would do a documentary.’”

Having gained some solid heat around the web, a Facebook page has propped up, which was recently tweeted out by Rodman himself. Doesn't get too much more serious than Facebook official, that's for sure.



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