A Dodgers Fan Dropped Approximately $1 Million Worth Of Stadium Food Trying To Catch A Couple Of Foul Balls

by 2 months ago
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I’ve been to a solid number of baseball games in my life, and while I’ve reached the age where bringing a glove to a game makes me that guy, that doesn’t mean I still hold out hope I might one day snag a foul ball (which I would 100% not give to a small child regardless of how much they cry).

I actually came pretty close to grabbing a ball at Camden Yards a few years back but had my quest stymied when the line drive headed in my general direction made a pit stop in the form of the bald head of a dude who was eventually carried out on a stretcher.

So close but yet so far.

At this point, I’ve basically accepted the fact that the only souvenir I’ll take home from a baseball game is one of those tiny helmets filled with soft serve that sets you back $15 because the government is apparently more than happy to turn a blind eye to monopolies when it comes to sporting venues, music festivals, and cable companies.

You might be able to put a laughably large price on stadium food but I guess you can’t really do the same with a foul ball, which is why I respect the guy who decided trying to track one down was far more important than the french fries he had in his hands.

While that video by itself isn’t particularly notable, what is is the fact that the very same dude also sacrificed a slice of pizza to (unsuccessfully) grab another ball that landed in his vicinity later on in the game.

At least it wasn’t beer.

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