I Asked YouTube if LeBron James Sucks; Here’s What I Found Out

by 6 years ago

But I wanted to know more. I’ve been hearing a lot about how James sucks lately. So I turned to YouTube for answers. I had to know if James sucks or not.

Here is what I learned.

This guy attempts to prove his point through repetition. He also claims James blew his opportunity to be the “God-saken One.” Whatever that means.

This guy went another way, saying James sucks because he inflicted personal pain. He also has some interesting opinions regarding Rajon Rondo’s level of attractiveness.

This guy says James sucks because he is too worried about his skin. If you can’t believe a guy with an eye patch and excessive Band-Aids covering his face, who can you trust?

This scantily clad fellow says James doesn’t suck and we should stop hating on the Miami Heat. Watch out, Skip Bayless. Here comes the next contrarian voice.

This guy says James is a good player, but he doesn’t like him all that much. So now we know.

This guy says James sucks and is sick of ESPN pretending he doesn’t suck.

This guy says James sucks as much as he does focusing while driving.


Stephen A. Smith says James sucks. Loudly.


And finally, this upbeat Heat fan says James doesn’t suck because he gives good effort.

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