Dolphins Fan Gets Team Logo Tattooed on His Head As His Eeyore Neck Tattoo Looks On

by 7 years ago

Now, the Eeyore play might seem dumb (because it so is) but my friend has a cousin that got a Hello Kitty tattoo on his chest (I've seen it, it's in color and everything) for the sole purpose of picking up chicks and it actually works. Dude is dedicated to the game. Thing is, he's constantly sending my buddy photos of hot trashy chicks he's rummaging through and he claims it's all thanks to him flashing them the Hello Kitty tat as an icebreaker. By no means is he scoring anything you'd want to call a girlfriend but everyone wants to f*ck hot garbage now and again. 

As for the Fins fanatic, I doubt he got the donkey tattooed on his body for that reason — seems like he has a pattern of just being a huge fan of things — but I'd like to hope it got him some pussy at least once.

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