How To Train Forearms And Calves Like A F’n God, Or Maybe Just Like Dom Mazzetti

by 4 years ago

Dom Mazzetti is a man of great perspective. A man of great fitness and life knowledge. He is a man who loves doing bicep curls and hates training the “baby penises” that he calls calves. For the record, he refers to them as baby penises, not me. Although I’m just now realizing that even with that clarification, my name will forever be associated with baby penises in Google search. That’s a rough start to my Friday morning.

Anyway, I can see why the casual gym bro wouldn’t train forearms by themselves — so many other lifts will hit them — but you have to train calves, right? Otherwise you’re stuck wearing pants all the time and you look like the world’s most disproportionate weirdo. Can’t go through life like that. You have to get those calves looking “high” and “knotted” just like the way Johnny Manziel’s were described by a New England Patriots’ scout.

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