The 10 Funniest Drunk NFL Football Player Photos of 2012

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All pics via Shot of Ginn:


Rob Gronkowski – TE – New England Patriots

It's only fair we start with Rob Gronkowski on this list. Gronk started his offseason binge when he was captured dancing shirtless with teammate Matt Light at an LMFAO concert following the Super Bowl loss. From there he traveled across the nation on his party train. The ultimate bro was captured ripping beer bongs, taking body shots, doing keg stands, and well grinding the night away as seen above. A broken forearm kept him from continuing his amazing season but with the playoffs on the horizon he'll be back. We here at ShotOfGinn can't wait for his offseason to start.

Von Miller – OLB – Denver Broncos

Von Miller ended his rookie season winning the Defensive Rookie of the Year award and is closing up his sophomore season in the running for Defensive Player of the Year. Von Miller also gets so drunk he crawls on bar tables.


D.J. Williams – OLB – Denver Broncos

DJ Williams, a former first rounder from the U, has had himself a pretty shitty season to date. After leading the Broncos in tackles 4 of the last 5 years he found himself suspended 6 games for a violation of the leagues policy on performance enhancing drugs, and a 3 game suspension for a personal conduct policy for his second DUI conviction. His PED suspension was particularly funny as Williams allegedly provided a non-human sample for his urine test. I suppose another hobby of Williams' is ripping off girls thongs in the club with his teeth. Via.

J.J. Watt – DE – Houston Texans


J.J. Watt has been absolutely insane this year, breaking record after record and closing in on Strahan's sack record without the help of Brett Favre. Following the week 15 victory that locked up the AFC South Watt hit the 5th Amendment club in Houston to celebrate in his sunglasses and show off his white boy dance moves, moves so insane that some ended up blurry like Bigfoot. Via.

Rex Ryan – HC – New York Jets


The Jets are hilariously bad this year, and it might just have to do with Rex Ryan's idiotic choice to continue to trust Mark Sanchez and let him start. Maybe he feels if his QB is shitty enough the pressure won't be on him. Maybe it was a brilliant choice with no other options. Regardless, here is Rex Ryan in the bar with his “I'd hit that” shirt. Something tells me he'd crush that in the most literal sense.

Aldon Smith – OLB – San Francisco 49ers


Aldon Smith has had a weird 2 years. Last year he led all NFL rookies in sacks, but was passed up for defensive rookie of the year by Von Miller. Then in the offseason he got arrested for DUI and got stabbed at a party. This Halloween he allegedly got jumped at Mizzou, but he denies that. Here is a picture of him in some sort of security costume a few hours before the alleged jumping.

Tom Brady – QB – New England Patriots

Tom Brady has it all, Super Bowl rings, multi-million dollar contracts, and a super model wife. He's not against getting drunk with his super model wife Giselle and getting pictures almost passing out though.

Victor Cruz – WR – New York Giants

Victor Cruz has made quite a name for himself since joining the league as an undrafted free agent. He won a Super Bowl, he wrote a book, and even has his own well known touchdown celebration. Last season he made barely over $400,000 despite his amazing season, and after winning the Super Bowl in February – here he is with a $80,000 bottle of Ace of Spades champagne. I guess the money managing seminar as a rookie didn't necessarily stick.

Von Miller – OLB – Denver Broncos

Miller isn't only in the running for Defensive Player of the Year, he is also in the running for Defensive  Player with most embarrassing drunk pictures in the club while leading the league in hipster glasses. Miller might ultimately be the Defensive Rob Gronkowski.


Rob Gronkowski – TE – New England Patriots

Just as it was fair to start this list with Gronk, it's probably are duty to end it with Gronk as well. After his year, he probably could have taken all 10 spots on this list but I tried to select just the best two. This one shows that no matter how bro you are – or how rich you are – you're still susceptible to drunk goggles.

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