Dude Drills Game Winning Half-Court Shot In A Basketball Game That Looks Way More Official Than It Should Be

by 4 years ago

First off, I have no idea why so many are in attendance at what looks like a men’s over 40 game. I haven’t seen this many people at a meaningless event since the NIT tourney. They don’t have referees in uniforms but they have sponsors? Secondly, that was a putrid looking three-quarter court game winner. Supremely unattractive. That didn’t look like a shot, it looked like a seizure. The only reason that dude got the shot off was because the defense had more holes in it that a bathroom stall at a rest stop in Alabama. I know I gotta give credit where credit’s due, actually, on second thought, I don’t have to do shit. LOSERS ALL AROUND I SAY!

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