Strongman Eddie Hall Sets ANOTHER Deadlifting Record And The Numbers Are Just Getting Absurd

Here’s the moment an athlete knows that they’ve reached the top of their respective sport — they continue to shatter their own records. Just like Steph Curry keeps betting himself for 3-point shooting supremacy, strongman Eddie Hall is his own biggest competition.

Hall set a record back in July with 1,020 pounds in a dead lift competition (he bested Hafthor “The Mountain” Bjornsson from Game of Thrones in the competition) and this past weekend, in Columbus, Ohio, Hall broke his own record by deadlifting 465 kilogram (1,025 pounds).

The lift is not only impressive but watch the way the bar bends like a bungee cord as Hall lifts all 1025 pounds off the floor.

Almost as insane as his lifts is Eddie Hall’s diet, which calls for 10,000 calories a day.

[via SB Nation]