Episode 3 of ‘24/7’ Gears Us Up for the Winter Classic

by 10 years ago

Ben Lovejoy Face Airplane

  • Ben Lovejoy: Stud. Dude literally takes a puck to the face (after scoring his first NHL goal), and gets surgery in the lockerroom. Due to the pressure of the flight home, his face swells up like a balloon. Lovejoy is a proud product of Deerfield (boarding school, raise up) and Dartmouth College.
  • Bruce Boudreau won't pay $1,700 for a Louis Vuitton purse for his wife. He may be a bumbling, jolly fat man, but he knows he doesn't need to shell out cash to get laid. Plus, the guy loves ice cream. Literally wants to get some treats at 10 a.m. in the mall.
  • The Caps vs. Pens game footage was epic, ending in a shootout where Dupuis unleashed a dirty snipe.
  • Crosby actually talks shit to the refs: I couldn't believe that. Of course he sounded like little orphan Annie, but I was impressed he said something (although we all know that's the responsibility of the Captain).
  • Steelers Linerbacker James Harrison offered to be the Penguins' enforcer.
  • Eric Fehr, whose babe of a wife Rachel doesn't have nearly enough photos on the Internet, went out to the less fortunate residents of D.C. to spread some holiday cheer: good for him. Although I did notice the family already had an LCD TV bigger than mine…
  • Coach Bylsma was known as “Disco Dan” in his playing days and he proved it with some Kinect actionwith his son. I like him more and more every episode.
  • Backstrom had a traditional Swedish Christmas at his house, complete with smoke show family member and requisite unintelligible singing.
  • Goalie Brent Johnson packs major gaggers and makes fun of Fleury in his holiday sweater.
  • [One thought from AG: I gained a new-found respect for the refs in this episode. They've got tougher jobs than most refs and seem to love their sport the most. Gotta love them cracking beers after a game in the lockerroom, and also delaying things on the ice after the questionable goal in OT so that the replay booth could look at the tape: “I'd do the same thing for you. Let's get the right call.”]

Check out the Winter Classic rink being set up on time lapse.

IMPORTANT: I'll be live tweeting from the Winter Classic, at twitter.com/matthewflow, so follow me and follow along tonight and tomorrow.

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