Eric Decker’s Hot Wife Says She Has To Schedule Times To Have Sex With Him

“The best sex is scheduled sex.” That’s what I always say. That’s what Jessie James Decker — wife of Eric Decker — says too. Apparently the wide receiver’s wife is all about scheduling sex, which I hope she does via Google Calendars. Have to say yes to that event invite.

This is what I imagine it looks like:

Gotta stay organized! Even with those afternoon delights.

If there’s one thing I learned in middle school life skills class, it’s how to properly make use of your Five Star Trapper Keeper calendar.

Jessie James Decker and Eric Decker are parents of two toddlers. But their sex life hasn’t fallen by the wayside. “We plan these nights,” the country singer told Us Weekly on Tuesday, September 27 in NYC. “I’ll send him a message and be like, ‘Babe, it’s on tonight!’”

“Life gets really crazy with kids and schedules are hard, but couples need to be intimate,” the mom of Vivianne, 2, and Eric Jr., 12 months, told Us. “You have to find that time to connect with your partner.”

Jessie and the New York Jets wide receiver, 29, also plan regular date nights to keep their relationship in check. “We try to have a babysitter at least once a week,” the Eric & Jessie: Game On alum said. “We’ll go to a bar and have a steak together or see a movie.”

I kinda like the mental image of Eric Decker, a New York Jet, going out to see Sully before getting his scheduled fuck on. Taking place in NYC and all,  a movie about saving a plane crash by landing it in the Hudson is a metaphor for what the New York Jets season is going to look like.

Sully. What an aphrodisiac.


[H/T: Complex]

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