ESPN Reporter Walks Off On Live TV, Leaving Hannah Storm Baffled

by 11 months ago

Guys, I think ESPN now is just firing its employees through their head pieces while they’re on live television. You may think this is ridiculous logic but GODDAMNIT HOW COULD THEY LAY OFF JOHN CLAYTON TODAY!? That’s really the only thing that can explain what went on during today’s 10 a.m. Eastern edition of SportsCenter.  Todd Archer, ESPN’s Dallas Cowboys beat man, just up and left in the middle of Hannah Storm talking about Tono Romo’s broadcasting career. I don’t know whether he received a “You Up?” text or mom just told him she made Pizza Rolls, but I haven’t seen anyone bail that fast since my entire sixth grade class on my 12th birthday.

Your move, Scheffty.

[h/t Deadspin]


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