Here’s How Much Money States Could Make On Super Bowl 52 If Gambling Was Legal

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At this very moment, we are closer to Sports Gambling being legalized across America than we have ever been in the past. One of the major arguments in favor of legalizing gambling on sports in the United States is how much money states will be able to earn from taxing the sports books and casinos.

Outside of Nevada (Las Vegas), Americans won’t be able to *legally* bet on the Super Bowl. Despite that, the American Gaming Association released a report on Tuesday which claims Americans will bet an estimated $4.76 BILLION on Super Bowl 52. According to the, Las Vegas will only take 3% of that 4.76 billion.

That’s A LITERAL SHIT TON of money that’s being gambled on the illegal market. So Brett from SportsHandle put together this chart showing how much money in tax dollars could be collected across America if sports gambling was already legalized. You can find a full explanation of the methodology that went into making this chart here:

When you look at those numbers for Pennsylvania and Illinois, not just New York and California, it’s obvious that the legislation needs to catch up with not only what the country wants (legalized sports gambling) but they need to get in line with what’s best for the states.

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