Is It Possible To Score A Goal On Your Own Net Without The Other Team Touching The Ball? Estonia: Hold My Beer

I am taking a two week trip to Estonia after I finish up blogging today but after seeing this shit I have no choice but to cancel my flight. I’m not a soccer guy, but in my experience watching it, it’s just 90 minutes of skinny men running furiously back and forth flopping and grabbing their ankles before the match ends in an inevitable 0-0 tie.

But during the Estonian Cup on Wednesday team Paide Linnameeskond managed to score a goal on its own net before the opposing team even touched the ball. It borders on so pathetic it actually falls into the realm of impressive.

Via the New Zealand Herald:

Kase’s mishap set the tone for the rest of the encounter, as it went on to fall to a 3-1 defeat in front of a crowd of 212 at the 5000-capacity Kadriorg Stadium, knocking it out of the 2017-18 edition of the Estonian Cup.

212 fans. The “world’s sport” my ass!

Don’t lose sleep over it, Estonia. It happens in the U.S. too.

[h/t For The Win]