Here’s A Delightful Video Of A Euro 2016 Fan Trying To Take A Piss And Falling Face First Into His Own Urine

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Football fans! When they are not brawling outside the stadium or hurling racial invective inside it, they are urinating out all of the alcohol they consumed.

Here, a fan in France tries to sneak a wizz between two cars. He’s imbibed a little too much, and as he’s tucking it away, goes splat into his own pee.

Let’s be honest, we’ve all either done this before or come perilously close. I feel you, lad.

And there’s a happy ending. He gets up and walks away, relatively unscathed.

Let’s hope he stays a little more sober for the next match.

Here’s another video of a guy falling in his own pee, because it never gets old:

[Via LiveLeak]