Evan Turner’s 30-Foot Buzzer Beater Saves Ohio State from a Michigan Upset

by 9 years ago

This is why Evan Turner is your Player of the Year. Michigan up 2 with 2.2 seconds, but they decide to not only not guard the in-bounder, but also not guard the aforementioned PotY. So, of course, the Buckeyes inbound right to Turner, who runs about 15 feet down the court, and tosses up the three to win the game (and save a potential #1 NCAA Tournament seed). The must-watch video is after the jump.

Notice, by the way, how many Wolverines are in the back court hoping to defend against a game-tying 2. (Answer: all of them.) Hey guys, if they hit the three, you lose. Brilliant coaching. Also, yes, the clock started late, but there's now way you can call off that basket.

[Via The Big Lead]