This New Website Is The Best Way To Win Prizes And Cash Doing ‘Challenges’ With Your Friends During The World Cup

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Sports are awesome –  that’s one of the few things we can all agree on. It’s also a fact that sports get even more awesome when we have a little extra action riding on the action of the game.

That’s right, I’m talking about Vegas-style challenges between friends. Putting a little something on the line to back up your smack talk always makes the game a little more interesting, a little more stressful, and a lot more fun.

The very best way to use your sports knowledge to challenge your friends to win prizes and cash is using FaceOff. FaceOff is the ultimate peer-2-peer sports challenge platform and it makes legally winning dope prizes or cash, insanely easy. PLUS, FaceOff is giving BroBible readers 20 FREE BONUS CHIPS WITH CODE ‘BROBIBLE’ AT SIGN UP!

FaceOff’s mobile and desktop website easily allow you to send a challenge to a friend, that challenge can be based upon Vegas-odds for sports, eSports, politics, or even pop-culture events. Once they accept, you all enjoy the game and see who takes home the winnings. Additionally, FaceOff allows you to offer your challenge to its global market of players. So, if you’re feeling super confident, you can let anyone step up to the challenge you’ve created.

Still unclear how FaceOffs allows you to win awesome prizes? Check out this 65-second video:

So, for example, if you think Portugal is primed to upset Spain in their first match of Group B play… put your free 20 bonus chips where your mouth is and challenge a buddy on FaceOff (…and tell them to use the code BROBIBLE too so they get their free chips).

When you win your challenge, you can collect a prize or take total control of your winnings by converting your chips into cash by playing FaceOff’s Skill Games.

As for me, I’m feeling crazy so I think I’m going to sprinkle some free chip action on good ole Saudi Arabia to pull off a major upset against Russia in Group A’s opening game. Think I’m wrong? Think Russia is too hyped in front of their home-country crowd? Then join me and thousands of other sports fans on FaceOff and step up to the challenge(s)!

All you have to do is SIGN UP FOR FACEOFF and use CODE ‘BROBIBLE’ FOR A FREE 20 CHIP!

Sign up, step up, and win today:


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