Mariners Fan Catches Foul Ball With Popcorn Tub, Makes Quite A Buttery Mess

Popcorn Catch

Have you ever caught a ball at a baseball game?  It’s funny how doing something so juvenile makes people act so ridiculous. We’ve seen fans catch balls with their hands, gloves, hats, and the occasional fishing net in San Francisco. As time has gone on, the art of catching balls has evolved and we’ve seen some crazy catches with fans using their wits to acquire their prize.

At the Mariners-Angels game last night a fan offered up his bucket of popcorn as an sacrificial offering to the baseball gods in order to get himself a foul ball.  It was quite the grab–albeit in a non-traditional way. While there is surely some monetary loss with the popcorn, the pure joy and satisfaction that comes with catching a ball will provide lifetime memories.  And it could have been a worse, it could have been a $11 beer.

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