BroBible Fantasy Football League Update: A Lot of Silence After Week 10

by 9 years ago

J. Camm: I will not finish last. I will not finish last. I will not finish last. I will not finish last. I WILL NOT FINISH LAST. This is my motto, for this league and in bed.

AlwaysBeChaying: After the performance my entire team put on last week (apart from Gronkowski, obviously), I truly do not deserve to be 5-5. Once again, I'm still optimistic in my management skills and still consider myself the most inspirational manger the BroBible league has ever seen. Facing AG this week will not be easy seeing as my entire team is either injured or flat-out sucks.

Mr. T: It’s sad that people keep having these roster malfunctions, but it won’t take away from the greatness of my season. Brandon just put up the second best performance of the week, but fell short because I just happened to put up the best. It took a Herculean effort to survive playing against the ridiculously lucky Bears defense. I’m just curious to see who gets the pleasure of playing me in the playoffs.

GazelleTank: Oh WHAT UP!! A two-game winning streak? This is amazing and I hope to keep it going and hope to at least get that average up to .500 even though that’s about as impossible as a painless passing of a kidney stone, but I have my hopes up nonetheless. A lot of players right now are on a bye this week, so that means I’ll be doing some scavenging in our free agents pool and hope to snag something that will let me beat AZ this week. If Touched By a Bengal's motto is “I Will Not Finish Last” then mine is “Movin' On Up.”

AG: Over it.

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