This Guy Went 1-12 In His Fantasy League And His Punishment For Coming In Last Was BRUTAL

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One of the advantages of playing season-long fantasy football — in a league with your friends — is not only the thrill of victory and the bragging rights that come along with it, but also the consequences of coming in dead last. Save for losing money every week to people who are far more skilled, daily fantasy doesn’t really punish the losers. And that’s too bad.

Last year, a member of our own Cass Anderson’s fantasy football league had to endure the single worst punishment we’ve ever seen. He had to spend an entire night at a haunted clown motel in the middle of Nevada. That. Is. Terrifying. If I lost I wouldn’t even agree to do it. Hell, the mere thought of going to that motel makes me want to shit so much shit (like, an entire month’s worth of shit) into my pants.

Today, a reader emailed us about the punishment the loser of his fantasy league had to endure. It’s no overnight stay at a haunted clown motel from hell, but it’s still really embarrassing.

Per Reader Email:

This year we decided that last place (Mr.Irrelevant) will have to wear a costume of the league’s choice to Times Square for 1 hour and dance around/take pictures with tourists for tips.

He dressed as an Oompa Loompa last Thursday 1/7/16 in Times Square holding a sign that read “going 1-12 in fantasy football bought me a golden ticket to Times Square”.

Outside of a haunted clown motel (and prison), Times Square might be the worst place in America. So nice choice of venue, this guy’s league. Way to give him some incentive to actually try next year.

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