A Gambler Turned Fifty Cents Into $500K At A Horse Race After Hitting A Pick-5 Over The Weekend

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iStockphoto / quentinjlang

Today I learned there is still action to be had outside of the Nicaraguan Soccer League which inexplicably hasn’t shut down yet and is still playing games. I’ll be honest, I live in Florida and I had no idea that there was still horse racing that we could bet on but here we are.

This bettor miraculously turned a fifty-cent wager into $524,966.50 after hitting a Pick-5 at Gulfstream Park in Hallandale Beach, Florida. This was the fifth-largest payout on a Pick-5 ever in America and it was the third-highest payout for a Pick-5 that was a non-jackpot win.

FIFTY CENTS into $500,000+. I simply cannot wrap my mind around this.

Here’s the report from ESPN Chalk:

The bettor won the Early Pick 5 — correctly picking the winner of the first five races — of Saturday’s 13-race program at Gulfstream Park in Hallandale Beach, Florida, and took home $524,966.50.

The payout was the fifth highest for a Pick 5 in U.S. horse racing history and the third highest for a non-jackpot, according to Ed DeRosa, director of marketing for Brisnet.com, the official data source of the Kentucky Derby and TwinSpires.

The winning horses for the first five races were No. 8 Freddy Soto, No. 4 Union Lane, No. 1 He’s a Babe, No. 3 Enzoexpress and No. 6 Lashara.

It was a big day for long shots, as Freddy Soto, winner of the first race at 73-1 odds, had beaten a total of five horses in his previous three races prior to Saturday’s victory, while No. 4 Union Lane had finished in front of 11 total horses in her previous seven races. (via)

Compare this to a bettor in Tampa who flipped $1,040 into $435,000 just two months ago on a Pick-5 and I’m beginning to wonder why in the shit I’m not at the track betting the ponies right now.

I’m like 24 hours away from betting on Hermit Crab Racing if someone will let me. I need something to do, anything. Unfortunately, all of these horse tracks are hour(s) away from where I’m at in Florida.