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Without the advice, guidance and inspiration of the internet’s greatest fitness celebrities, we’d all be 100lb weaklings. These 10 top fitness fanatics are some of the best around, sharing advice, humor and sexy, sexy selfies, making each of them an essential fitness celebrity to follow online.


Kali Muscle

Proving that prison time and bodybuilding go together like whey protein and creatine, Kali Muscle is a gang-leader-turned-bodybuilder-turned-actor, renowned for his awe-inspiring workout videos and ghetto approach to bodybuilding.

Kali is a monster in the truest sense of the word, weighing in at a billion pounds of shredded mass. His physique is insane, his workouts are insane, and he’s well worth a follow on Facebook.

Jamie Eason

Jamie Eason is the face (and chest) of, a pro fitness model, former NFL cheerleader and winner of the World’s Fittest Model competition.

She writes a ton of fantastic fitness content, across some of the world’s most popular bodybuilding sites, and her articles and recipes have been read by millions. She’s also really nice to look at, and despite your keen interest in the latest fitness news, that’s what really matters.

The Brofessor

If you’ve ever wondered what Bro Science actually is, look no further than The Brofessor’s YouTube Channel. With dozens of super helpful videos, tackling the burning issues in bodybuilding and fitness, it’s one of the best resources around for the dedicated lifter – with videos on How to Hit on a Girl at the Gym, How to Take Your Shirt Off, and for the tamed bros amongst us, How to Get Your Girlfriend to Start Lifting.

And by lifting, we mean squatting. Best yet, all of the Brofessor’s advice follows a strict scientific formula: 50% fact, 50% magic, 100% results.

CT Fletcher

With 30 years of powerlifting experience, CT Fletcher is strong – 3 world bench pressing titles strong. Unbelievably, CT only got into bodybuilding in his 50s,  and so far, he’s demolished the sport, earning a global title and already gearing up for his stab at a pro card.

CT’s story is an inspiring one, filled with struggles and successes – none more severe than heart failure, requiring open heart surgery. Despite flat-lining 3 times, CT came through, and if his workout videos are anything to go by, he’s stronger than ever.

Ian McCarthy

Ian McCarthy: loved by thousands of bodybuilders, hated by millions more. Ian is a natural bodybuilding advocate, and the arch-nemesis of broscience followers everywhere. His approach to lifting is as scientific as possible, with every exercise, workout and supplement scrutinized to a microscopic level of detail – as microscopic as Ian’s biceps, in fact.

If you want to improve your knowledge of fitness science, Ian is definitely worth following. At the very least, he’s one of the few fitness celebs on this list that you can definitely, definitely outbench.

Jerome Mayberry

Pass me the baby oil, because it’s time to workout with the legendary Jerome Mayberry. Weightlifter, philosopher and all-around good guy, Jerome is responsible for preaching the true gospel of bodybuilding, and creating the 10 Commandments of the Weights Room.

Sharing his unique brand of fitness advice, Jerome is here to help bros remember to never, ever stretch; to smoke during cardio; and to constantly stay oiled.

Dana Linn Bailey

Dana is both an IFBB pro and an Olympia champion. She’s built like a brick shithouse, but unlike many of her female bodybuilding counterparts, I’d still sell my entire collection of wifebeaters to spend a night with her.

Unfortunately, that ain’t gonna happen, as her husband is three times my goddamn size and releases his own albums of workout electronica. Dana rocks her own line of sweet gym clothing, shares a ton of lifting advice, and best of all, takes hundreds of sexy selfies.

Jeff Seid

Jeff Seid is aesthetic. He’s young (only 20 years old!), already an IFBB pro, and as I type this, prepping for competition at the Olympia. He shares equal parts fitness content and workout inspiration – and in the void left by the legendary Zyzz, Jeff is the perfect fitness celebrity to follow for our daily fix of aesthetic inspiration.

Martin Berkhan

Martin Berkhan is an insanely shredded natural bodybuilder, and the brains behind one of the most popular approaches to natural bodybuilding nutrition – Intermittent Fasting. Martin is as smart as he is strong, and his website is stuffed-full of science-backed information and workout advice.

Unlike the other gym-geek on our list, Martin is capable of putting his money where his mouth is – winning natural bodybuilding competitions, and training some of the world’s greatest natural lifters.

Mette Lyngholm

An IFBB Bikini Fitness Athlete, and a Danish fitness champion, Mette Lyngholm is smoking hot. Like, so smoking hot that I’m literally crying with tears of joy as I write this article.

She’s hugely popular in both the States and her native Denmark, and she probably shares a ton of awesome fitness advice. I don’t know for sure though, as I didn’t get past the photos section of her Facebook page. And I never will.

P.S. Rest in peace Zyzz. Always ‘mirin.

See you next time, bros,

Alex Nerney – CSCS, ISSA, NESTA

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