Flag Football Chick Stretches Out For A One-Handed Grab Better Than Anything Odell Beckham Jr. Has Done

by 3 years ago


Go ahead and move on over, Odell Beckham Jr., because there’s a new sheriff occupying the insane one-handed catch town that you’ve been at the head of for the past year—and she’s a flag football player named Carolina Velasquez from Green Valley High School in Las Vegas.

One-handed grabs are the all rage these days, with players attempting them and pulling them off in pregame warmups and shit to blow the Internet up. But Velasquez’s is, arguably, the best I’ve ever seen, with her laying the fuck out and going full extension to haul this pass in.

She paid the price with a nasty fall afterwards, but, c’mon, it was definitely worth it!

[H/T Bleacher Report]

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