I Think This Video’s About Fly Fishing But All I Can See Is That Immaculate Ass

Somewhere in this footage of Rebecca Courtney fly fishing for redfish in Florida’s Mosquito Lagoon there is a beautiful tale of fly fishing and poetry, I however cannot see any of that. All I see here is one of the most immaculate derrieres ever caught on camera. I’d like send our sincerest thank you’s to whoever at Catch 1 Films shot this footage of Rebecca standing on the bow and fly fishing, because it’s some of the most tranquil and subtly sensual fishing film I’ve ever witnessed. If this feels like I’m rambling a bit, it’s because I am. I believe the phrase is ‘booty got me trippin’.

I guess the root of my rambling may also be the fact that this video combines 3 of my favorite things: butts, fishing, and Florida. In the microcosm that is Cat Sanderson (the nickname a cop in Asheville, N.C. once gave me when he couldn’t read my driver’s license that said Cass Anderson), this video has it all. There’s really no going up from here, so for now I think we should recap some stills from this video that’s supposedly about fishing:

Man, I truly miss living in Florida. I don’t think I can take this concrete jungle of Manhattan much longer knowing there are butts like this catching redfish without me. And I don’t mean that I’m envious of the butts, I’m just sayin’ I want to be catching more redfish. It’s always been tied with snook as my favorite fish.

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